Omar was born in Bern, Switzerland in 1981. Following his studies in Computer Science at ETH Zurich, he lived and worked in Croatia and Japan. After finishing his PhD in Computer Science in 2012, Omar moved to Paris, France and is pursuing his career in High-Performance Computing with the Intel Exascale lab.
Besides computers and code, Omar is also passionate about photography, fascinated not only by capturing the moment but also by the complexity of nature revealing itself everywhere around us. Coming from a background of middle-eastern culture and tradition mixing and clashing with western-european values and beliefs, he feels at home in the world. He enjoys travelling and exploring far and near.


Born 1981 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Vitalis grew up in Bern and moved to Lausanne for studies in Robotics. Today he is active in the development of remote tank monitoring services at Sensile Technolgies SA.

Whenever time and weather are good Vitalis is heading out for an alpine tour in the Swiss Alps or abroad, living the same passion as his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. It was his father as well who introduced Vitalis to the art of framing pictures, who had himself started with a Yashica-A back in 1959.

Today Vitalis is working with compact and light-weight photo systems withstanding the harsh outdoor environment. Always looking for the unusual viewpoint in order to re-discover the surrounding world.

You can find more on his website