Lately I had the chance to take part in a portrait class with the Lausanne based photographer Jean-Pierre Vicario. We worked with a somehow basic approach, one or two light setup and very focused on the interaction of the fotographer with the model and subtleties of light/shadows!


After a great experience shooting in studio we mooved outside for some on location work - which turned out to be hard on this cold winter day. While the cameras took the cold with charm, the modeling part for us humans turned out to be too much of a pain...

One thing standing out was an extensive common review of the photos taken during the day, unfortunately a good practiced not always found in such classes...

My take away was some more great hands-on experience with shooting portraits, but also the need for more drill and a sharp eye for the lighting set up.

Overall an excellent class held by Jean-Pierre to be recommended to anyone on his first steps towards portrait photography!