If you want to test your new tent in worst conditions, just ask me to come along for a wild camp... allegedly it is always raining when I'm out camping! (Ok, the Challenge this year must have been the exception confirming the rule)

The day started with wild weather, sunshine mixed up with one or two short rain showers while Philipp (with his new tent) and me hiked up to the lake Etang de Trente Pas at 2200m.



But overall good enough to be optimistic, for which reason we decided we deserved a good local beer at the Gîte de Lodze, half way up.


But for the last third of the hike rain was pouring and did only stop once we finished cooking under the tent! The hiking path apparently was not used much lately, filled with debris and with the rain it got really slippery...


But we made it, found a nice place for our pitch and had an excellent green curry dish with a glass of red wine in our dry tent (approved!).


Sunday morning started with great weather, needed to dry our rain gear from the evening before! And as they where drying we enjoyed a luxurious brunch...