Last Sunday I spent together with good old friends I didn't see in a while, and we treated ourselfs with some dolce far niente at a beach around Morges. Fortunately the weather was better than predicted, and we only had some two or three drops of rain while heading home...

But in the evening the so long damed up rain unloaded in a powerful thunderstorm over the littoral. I made myself comfortable at home, but suddenly the sun broke through the rain below the cloud cover, and immersed the town in a stunning yellow light.

Instantly I packed my whide angle (Oly 7-14mm f/2.8) and tele lens (Oly 40-150mm f/2.8) and rushed out in the rain... and was overwhelmed when the last medieval street canyon opened and the lake came in sight!



It was quite a hassle, as the rain was coming streight from the direction I was shooting in, and I had to cleen the whide angle lens after each shot. But I'd say it was worth the trouble :)



This was one of the most memorable sunsets I've seen here, and by far one of the most beautiful double rainbows ever!